New to the Forum
Hi everybody. I'm new to the forum - heard about it on the Facebook group. I've been using kratom for about a year for chronic pain and I've learned a lot on the various Facebook groups. Always looking to learn more!
@sherry Hi, Sherry, & Welcome to our community ... ![0_1551303306771_welcome.gif]( Believe me when I say, even after 10 years in this amazing kratom community I learn more every day. Our precious Leaf has so much to offer in so many ways. Please, if you have any questions do not hesitate to ask, ok?
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@sherry welcome to the AKA forum. I'm so happy to have you here.
@sherry hello there, how are you doing? Can I be of any assistance? Please look around, become familiar with how things work, look and if you have any questions or suggestions, please let an admin know ❣
@sherry Hi Sherry: Hey, it is great to have you here. You will find that our administrators are the BEST. If you need any assistance and/or information, they are right there on the spot. Also, the community is very support. People are here with diverse issues, but generally have the common thread that Kratom has provided a non-pharmacological relief of symptoms and a generally better life. That has certainly been my experience. It is really great to have you here, Steve
@dijon-evans Thank you, Dijon. I don't have any questions right now but I've got your name now in case I do. :)