New here too
New here did an article on kratom and was intrigued by its potential so came to learn more. Never tried it just learning and see what it can do for me.
@bridgey-sage Welcome to our community, Bridgy ... ![0_1551379983795_welcome.gif]( If you have any questions please do not hesitate to ask, ok?
@bridgey-sage welcome to our forum. Plenty of information here, and on our websit, which is packed full of articles, studies, and our mission at AKA. The website is
@bridgey-sage @ska @Lois_Gilpin Welcome Bridgey, my name is Steve. My nickname here is the_professor because that was one of my professions when I worked. I have written several partial testimonies and partial narratives of 'my personal story' of success with Kratom in several different threads on the forum. I am in my mid-60's, so am no youngster. I am beset with many aches and pains due to a life of living and other things that shouldn't have happened, but it did. Also, I suffer extreme OCD, depression and other mood disorders (high-level anxiety and panic attacks) for which I have taken strong anti-depression, anti-psychotic medicines and high doses of anti-anxiety medications, which left me in zombie states. Somehow I learned to function on that pharmacological cocktail, but my body adapted to the high level of chemicals and my thinking grew ever so more fuzzy....none the least of which it did nothing to ameliorate my arthritis and other pain. My doctor told me to take high doses of OTC analgesics to handle those physical pains. Well, when I pushed back saying that this would cause me kidney and liver problems, he countered by saying that this is why we were doing blood tests each year so when the damage started we could jump on it. I did not think that was a good solution. Long story short...which as you will see I have trouble doing, I went 'off-line' trying to find a more natural solution and Kratom filled the bill. It has managed the mood disorder as well as my pain. I am almost off the anti's ...conventional pharma.... Unfortunately for me, I live in Ohio where the Board of Pharmacy is voting this week to criminalize Kratom....making possession on the equivalence of heroin or LSD :( So....that is where things stand. It really works wonder and the science is there to show that it's works and does not cause death....but for some reason there is a get move afoot to criminalize it in my state. Hope this helps. Welcome to the forum. Thanks for being a part of the group Steve
@bridgey-sage hello, when you say that you did an article about kratom, you peaked my interest... do you have a link to it?
@the_professor hey Steve, mighty nice picture! I always love to be able to put a face to the person who I get to know. I think that I may be " hijaking" this forum by speaking with you and I am not trying to do so. The one topic this is not how my mind typically works so I am not sure about my future here I just like to be able to just all over and say hello to people that I see, and I sincerely do not mean any disrespect to anyone... šŸ™„
@dijon-evans Hi Dr. Evans: Upon reading your post, I realized that I had done that multiple times myself since I joined this forum. Mine was based on naivete (or just being a total 'dolt'). I did it so many times now that to apologize for each of the times is nearly impossible, so I will make my penance here. I would just find a post in a given place and start writing; I did not mean to hijack anyone's person thought-thread. If I hurt anyone, I am truly sorry. For anyone who really knows me, you would know how sensitive I am of other's feelings and the last thing I want to do is blast insensitively into someone's personal writing and thought space. Mea culpa Steve
@the_professor believe me, I had no idea that I was hijacking at all. I just really enjoy reading everyone's posts and talking. In fact some, I'm sure roll their eyes and mumble, " SHUT UP" as they read my 100 GB texts . Lol