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Hi everyone - my name is Jeremy from South Florida. I was a college athlete of many extreme sports. I unfortunately was injured many times but never listened to the Dr.'s about slowing down. After a car accident in 1997 that almost paralyzed me - I had such severe pain that I could barely walk. I tried everything under the sun before taking pain meds because from the time I was a child and had problems being put under anesthesia or numbed at the dentist knowing that they had to use 2 to 3 times what normal people would get and many Dr's refused to operate on me until I finally got a letter from a prominent anesthesiologist. It wasn't until recently that one of the genes that causes us to metabolize pain drugs was suggested as DEFECTIVE by a researcher that I went to at the University of Miami. The PM Dr. introduced me to Oxycontin and it was great. I finally found a pain killer that would not make me high due to the time release and it allowed me to lead a normal life. I've been through 17 Dr.'s since 1995 and the only thing they think would cure me is surgery - but the warning I always get is I could also be left paralyzed or diminished capacity. The ONLY thing I would consider is Laser Spine Surgery. That has the lowest risk for me - but they want $15k for my upper back and $20k for my lower back. I don't have that money. FAST FORWARD to today and the Pain Management Dr. I see told me I need to DRASTICALLY reduce the opiates I am on because Medicare came up with a BULLSHIT artificial number of morphine equivalency that they say is the maximum "suggested" amount a patient should take. It's BULLSHIT because they are basing that on a "New" patient. I have been on these drugs for 20 years. There should have been a grandfather clause. UNDERSTAND THIS - if it wasn't costing me a fortune to take these meds(over a thousand a month), and the dumbass government would stay out of my treatment that works for me - I would stay on this. I do not abuse it - I do not get high on it - I take it safely at all times and I NEVER take more than I am prescribed. BUT all these drug addicts, Dr.'s and criminals that destroyed "prescription pain pills" for those of us that are legitimate - I hope they get what they deserve - DEATH. I say this because of them I have lost 4 friends and a cousin - all who were NEVER abusers until they could not get their legal prescriptions any longer - 3 of them died of extremely high doses of FENTANYL that came from the FUCKING POUROUS MEXICAN BORDER - they (3 frineds) all died in a 15 day period - all living in San Diego - all who got the "Mexican" Oxycodone pills - 500 pills for $150 and they looked very real. We haven't seen the official report, but one of the investigators said they tested 40 pills and amongst other things there was very little amounts of Oxycodone found, there were industrial chemicals they use in plastics manufacturing and the highly addictive substance FENTANYL was in there. The astonishing thing he said was the inconsistency from pill to pill. Some had traces - some had enough to kill every cow on a Texas Cattle Ranch. My cousin died New Years 2018, living in central Florida, went from being a successful IT guy, making $100k/yr to unemployed, then sold his two cars, and his home went into foreclosure Christmas 2017 - the last time I saw him. He was shooting up a fortune in Heroin and they also found Cocaine. I begged him - even offered to split my pills with him, but he was too far gone and it sickens me that here he was taking it as prescribed and had it not been for these Dr.'s, his insurance company and these agencies just cutting him down in one fell swoop to almost nothing, he would be here. Basically, the problem is no one is looking at him, me and millions of others as an individual with a problem. This New Years - I was alone as my fiancé' was in NY with her ill parents and I'm not crazy religious, but it was a year since my cousin passed an knowing from my December visit with my PM Dr. that he was going to implement this new rule about cutting my meds in March, I LITERALLY asked GOD to please not let me suffer through addiction withdrawal, to please find an answer for my pain, find a way for me to live a normal life. I begged him to not let me wind up like my cousin Sid. So around the end of January, I was looking for a good documentary to watch on NETFLIX. I saw this film called A LEAF OF FAITH. It was amazing - I could not have asked for a better answer to my prayer (I HOPE). ***So I am planning on ordering some ASAP - but I need help from someone who can tell me 1)What strain to get 2)What will take the withdrawal symptoms away best 3)Is it better to take the powder or the tablet and MOST IMPORTANTLY - 4)What dosage should I take and what is the maximum. Is there anything written that can help me understand how best to use this? So to answer me you will need to know what I am taking: 1) I am taking one 80mg Oxycontin 3 times a day 2) I also take anywhere from 1 to 4 30mg of Oxycodone a day for BREAKOUT PAIN or what I call PAIN FLASH-STORMS(Burning Pain in LOWER Back). 3) For my Migraine headaches I take FIOROCET w/Codeine as needed - 3 to 5 times a month. 4) When my back gets stiff and I can't straighten out - I take a SOMA 1 to 3 times a week.*** My Dr. has told me that at the amounts he is going to be forced to cut me to next week - I will more than likely only be left with the 30mg tablets and he has a Bupenorphine product called Belbuca that he says will help with the withdrawals (because it is a class 3 schedule drug….it doesn't count against the Oxycodone. It is my STRONG hope KRATOM is the answer. At this point - I have decided that if KRATOM can get me to the point to eliminate the opioids - I will. I would much rather be taking something all natural. I don't have the money to continue. I would rather do something else with it. I will be donating to the AKA once I get started. ***If Someone could PLEASE help me I would appreciate it. Like I said above - the most important thing I need to know is what dosage to take.*** I will be Video Documenting my transition from the amount of Oxycontin/Oxycodone to KRATOM - I am hoping that I can demonstrate and help validate that this is a method that works. GOD Bless all of you that have fought for this supplement and all of us that have suffered from pain. Jeremy Pithon
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@jpython Hi Jeremy, Welcome to the forum. I hope you have received emails or private (chat) messages in response to some of your questions. For sound ethical and legal reasons, there are topics we cannot discuss here. None can offer you medical guidance (obviously), but unfortunately that includes dosing advice. Hopefully others have contacted you privately about their experiences using Kratom to help with coming off of opiods. With kind regards, Taz
@jpython I just read your post this morning. I’m keeping good thoughts for you and wish you will find success and relief with Kratom. I’m also sorry for the loss of these people so close to you. Love JL
@jpython @jlove @Taz-Hood First of all thank you for helping! Very much! Its great to see people pitch in, when help is asked for! Yes! Absolutely, positively, kratom changes lives! We can't recommend vendors here, but if you look at the vendors group, or look on the AKA public website, you'll see different recommendations. I want to welcome you to the forum. I am really wishing you the absolute est! I wish that I could say more, but I am not able to do so. Please familiarize yourself with the forum rules ( 😁that I am still trying to learn) and look around. There are a large number of groups that are on different social media platforms ( 😁) that you can get a large number of recommendations for vendors. Please just make sure that they test their products and are GMP compliant
@jpython Unfortunately, there "might" be some bad news for you. You mentioned possibly having issues metabolizing pain meds. If you have a mutation, or are a poor metabolizer of the CYP450/CYP2D6 enzyme, then you might not get much benefit from Kratom. I'm not sure if that was even what the researcher suggested that you had, but it kinda sounded like it. Anecdotal, and I believe even scientific evidence shows those who suffer from this issue most likely won't get much benefit from Kratom. Just Google those enzymes and Kratom and I'm sure you'll find some info. Hopefully, that's not the case, but I thought I should mention it just in case. Best of luck....
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