Welcome to our community, Azulina ... ![0_1551996704310_welcome.gif]( Please take the time to read the rules. I will make it easy by giving you a direct link to them **[HERE](**
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Hi,I am new here. I was on Reddit for a while, but it's became beyond difficult with the rules to ask questions. Is there a place where people can discuss vendors on this forum? I would like to know where I can talk to people about which vendor has the best strains right now, even if that is not here. Surely, someone somewhere is. Thanks for any direction you may be able to provide!
@azulina My understanding is that vendors/recommendations cannot be discussed on the open forum. Although, members are allowed to Private Message (Chat) recommendations to you privately if they so wish.
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@bizaro22 As always you are absolutely correct AND 10 steps ahead of me ... ThankYou!!!
Welcome to the forum @Azulina , its nice to have you here