Good morning!
Hi! I am Judie, aka Piglett on FB. I am 62, and hubby and I have been using kratom since 2015. We live in Georgia. I am a mesh survivor, as well as a MRSA survivor, however, those two things left me in constant pain. The MRSA liquified my spine. I was in bed for a year. I took a lot of pain meds, though I must admit, they did not control my pain, but every day I thanked God I had them. After they fixed my spine properly and finally got the MRSA under control, they told me there was just too much damage done, and I would always be in pain. I spent the first year weaning myself off of the narcotics, very slowly, but before my surgeon released me. I had friends who had gone to pain clinics and I was terrified of them. By now I had a hellacious fear of doctors. Yet, I had to have something for pain. I researched online, and came across kratom. We got some, I started using it, and I had less pain. As time went on I got stronger. I went through 2 years of Post Acute Withdrawal, though I do not have an addictive personality. I believe kratom helped with my depression, anxiety, and mood swings during that time. I have not had a pain prescription in 4 years. I have also not increased my kratom dosage, which is a tsp at a time,every 3 to 6 hours depending on my body. I have a lot of tools in my pain toolbox, and kratom is the one I use most. I am very thankful for it.
@judie-plumley Hello, Judie, & Welcome to our community ... ![0_1552003600997_wave.ani.2.gif]( It's a real pleasure to have you here & I am so glad that you found your way to our precious Leaf. If you have any questions please do not hesitate to ask me, I am here most of the time, ok? ![0_1552003684843_flirt.gif](
@judie-plumley Hi Ms. Plumley: I was just through your beautiful state of Georgia at the beginning of this week!! You sound like a very brave soul. I am glad that you have found some relief with Kratom in your pain toolbox. You came to a great place where you can share ideas and learn more about Kratom on many dimensions. Our administrators are fantastic, very helpful and very comforting. Most of us share at least pain and/or mood and anxiety disorders. I suffer from both and Kratom has helped me live a relatively normal and productive life as a result. Again, welcome to the community. It is great to have you Ms. Plumley. Enjoy the weather down in Georgia. I was in Bushnell, Florida for January and February. It was awesome; however, I had to rush home to take my daughter to doctor for eye I went from 87 degrees one day to 27 and then 17 the next two days :( Peace to you, the_professor
@the_professor yikes, that's a huge fluctuation in temperature! Good morning Steve