This was filmed in the middle of March 2019. This tree is a 9 year old Mature Kratom Tree. There are not as many Kratom seed pods on this particular tree compared to the other trees. I had to climb up very high up onto a ladder to retrieve all of the seed pods on this tree. It did not help that this was a particularly windy day. The tree and myself were blown around quite a bit but luckily I did not fall. This tree has been producing seed pods for around 8 months and the pods were the ripest pods at the time of recording. I took the pods off the tree so that they would not be blown off the tree before I could retrieve them. They are quite resilient and will cling to the branches most of the time. Kratom seed pod, iamkratom, wearekratom, Kratomthetree, Kratom, tree, USA