Picking Kratom Seed Pod out of the top of a 35ft American Kratom Tree
https://youtu.be/H5oEyMaP_v0 We got up to the top of a ladder to be able to pick almost all of the Kratom seed pods off the tree. In other videos you can see we had to build a PVC pipe to pull off the rest of the higher to reach pods. The tree she is climbing up is a fully mature 10 year old Kratom tree. This tree has been flowering for a entire year and the pods are at there last stage of development. We are taking them off the tree before they fall off and get washed away in the rain and before they release all the seed that is inside of them. #kratomthetree, #Kratom, #kratomwatchdog, #Kratom tree, #Kratom seed pod, #USA
Very smart way to get them