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Hello everyone I'm lookingn for simple answers what's the best strain for euphoria and energy all the Reddit pages are all over the place and I'm pretty loat
@drew-m-laleman We need to be cautious of the wording we use. The best strains for helping with focus and energy are generally whites. I have never experienced euphoria from kratom and would not take it if I did. Each person is different however. I would suggest finding a vendor that sells sample packs so you can try different strains and find what works for You. We are each different and may respond to kratom differently than someone else.
@drew-m-laleman hello, and welcome to the forum. I see that Robin, beat me to what I was going to say. So I won't repeat it, but only welcome you here.
@drew-m-laleman Hello Drew, & Welcome to our community ... ![0_1551224201151_welcome.gif]( As Robin has said, please be cautious in your wording, ok? I am going to double-down on what Robin has said, sample packs are the best thing for you to do right now. We are all so different, our systems & needs are so different, you will need to find what works best with & for you. As an extremely general rule of thumb: Red strains have the best pain relief, are more sedating & long legs (legs = effects); Green strains are middle of the road, moderate pain relief, uplifting & fairly long legs; White strains have some pain relief, energizing to the point of edgy for some people & short legs. PLEASE keep in mind, that is a very general & is definitely an inexact science so to speak. The only way for you to find what works for you is to do as we did, trial & error. Think of it as an adventure, trying out different strains, finding new ones that work for you & discovering the new & wonderful ways that this precious Leaf can enhance your life ... I can assure you that the treasures are well worth the hunting. Trust me when I say, I have been using this Leaf for 10 years & the treasure hunt has not lost its sense of adventure, only because I am rarely disappointed.
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the one thing I would add, keep a journal. Write down where you buy it, what kind you buy, how much you take and the effects. Do that with every purchase as it becomes a lot to remember....
@robin Ah yes, I knew I was missing something. *Thank You, Robin* ... ![0_1551225579269_greeting.gif](
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While there is nothing wrong with feelings of happiness and improved mood, euphoria seems to have an association to β€œgetting high” that many feel is detrimental. While I don’t agree completely, the way questions are worded can be very leading. Many people looking for euphoria are trying to get something that kratom will not provide. I suggest asking for a good energetic strain that gives mood boosting so you can clean the house(or something). There are a lot of enemies of our cause that will attempt to take things out of context and use it against our plant in the court of public opinion. As stated above, I also recommend getting a sample pack from a reputable vendor that tests for safety. Green Malay is a good variety to try as it helps focus the mind, energize the body, and lift your mood. Not everyone has the same response to a particular strain, so keep a journal and track your body’s reactions. Low doses are best for energy. Best of luck.
@chris-robertson Thank You, Chris, that is an excellent point. In fact, there are several kratom forums that forbid the use of that word for precisely the reasons you mentioned. There are many far less controversial words to use in association with kratom & yes, in the kratom community word choices most definitely matter. To add to your suggestions of words to use instead, "uplifting" is a good one too ... ![0_1551301143893_sweet.gif](
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