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Hi, I'm new to the forum, deleted my facebook due to the constant stress. Anyways, is is there any preferred vendors anyone uses for bulk orders? I order kilos at a time, so I dont have to constantly restock. Also, since I havent ordered in months, is anyone having issues with shipping delays/usps confiscation when using domestic vendors? Thank you!!
@jason-rowland Hello & Welcome to our community, Jason ... ![0_1551655854349_welcome.gif]( To answer your first question, no the AKA is an advocacy group, therefore we cannot endorse any one vendor as it would be a huge conflict of interest. We have initiated our GMP Standards Program & have a list of vendors who have joined the program. All of this information is on our website & I will provide you with the link here, As for seizures, I really cannot speculate except to say that I have not had any issues with USPS delays/confiscation when using my own domestic vendors. If you have any other questions please do not hesitate to ask, ok? ![0_1551655886947_flirt.gif](
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Some people are having trouble with shipments, while others aren't. It's nice to have you here, but as far as.the vendor issue. I'm going to let @ska or @Robin take this one Welcome to the forum!
@jason-rowland said in [New to forum/Vendor Suggestions](/post/3290): > @ska Okay! Thank you! You are *Very Welcome*, Jason, & like I said, please don't hesitate to ask if you have any more questions ![0_1551656397970_sweet.gif](
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@Jason-Rowland so you are aware you can now mention vendors on here as this is forum is no longer associated with the AKA. I might be able to help you as well. Here is a link to my Kratom Nursery.
Hi there, I would definitely recommend Tea Time Botanicals. We strive to provide quality products, tested for your safety at reasonable rates. All new customers receive a discount with NEWCUSTOMER10 @ Check out. We also offer continuous discounts for Referrals, Reviews, Your B-Day, as well as discounts for Veterans/Active Duty and for Seniors 65 & over on a fixed income. Check us out at :-)
What's up buddy. I'm the owner of Beleafer and we are just rolling out a new bulk ordering policy: $20 off regular kilo pricing for 5kg+, which also applies to split strain kilos. This lands you at $70/kilo if you buy all 1 strain kilos. $30 off regular kilo pricing for 10kg+, which also applies to split strain kilos. This makes it $60/kilo if you buy all 1 strain kilos. I don't know if you've heard about us yet, but let's just say growth has been approximately exponential since we opened our doors in January. Hit me up if you want to try some free samples first! Top shelf leaf only, ask around boss.
@maengdaddy Hey there, I'm a vendor, yet also a consumer, I've heard a lot of good things about you all. I still like to try different vendors from time to time. Do you all have a website? And you do Test, correct?
@TTB yes we batch test, and the website is
I have 7000 kilos that I have ready to ship from the USA. My name is Ray and I am a vendor out of Florida
The seizer are FDA related and the FDA is stepping up the seizing of Kratom . I have found that having smaller amounts shipped to the USA is working better . I had 2190 kilos seized in March by the FDA and getting it back well that wanted 11 grand in storage fees. Yep extortion by the FDA. I decided to refuse it and get it shipped back to Indonesia. My broker is working on it . It’s amazing the dangerous stuff the FDA let’s into this country but seizing Kratom is a priority. As far as shipping in the USA. I have had no issues.
Yah it's hella fucked up what they do to us vendors but welcome to the forum. Glad your with us.
@Raymond-Follmer I have a lot of Kratom right now . 10,000 kilos and I have 25 kilo bags ready to ship . $800.00 dollars for 25 kilo bags includes shipping. Green , Red , White just send me a text . I use Venmo or Zelle for payment and you can reach me by text or call at 9412102818.