New here my name is Randy
Good to see at least some kind of forum. I'm shocked that we only have a few members, we need thousands. A little about me. Some years ago Kratom saved my life I was addicted to pain pills and this wonderful herb got me off with really no issues. I at once seen the power that Kratom can have, and does have. Around a year ago I became a Kratom vendor, no webite nothing big like that but I was so sick of these smoke shops that sell like 30 grams for $20! And the quality normally is only average at best. So I said to myself since I use Kratom daily and since Kratom has kept not only the pain pills at bay but really any other addiction I could have to find a good grower in Indo, and sell here just to friends and word of mouth which I continue to this day. I feel good knowing that I am able to give people who need top quality Kratom at the lowest possible price. Please don't ask to buy some from this post, it's not my reason for posting. My reason is now I make a very nice living selling only hand to hand, and I want so much to contine and this new "finding" by the FDA on national networks concerns me greatly. Big pharma sucks and they are pushing this. Kratom is completely safe it will not nor can not stop your breathing like opiates can, it's impossible by itself to be fatal yet we have the lies to deal with. You know even though I am a little fish in the pond of Kratom vendors I have the C of A on my own Kratom. That's right I took the money needed to police my own Kratom so folks will know it's just Kratom and nothing else. More Kratom vendors especially the big ones should do the same. This is because it's a main concern that folks are selling something called Kratom and it may not be Kratom! It's not that pricing the lab I used charged less that $150 but it gave me as a vendor peace of mind. I so hope this new bs from the FDA does not result on a immediate ban.
Welcome Randy, I see in another thread you have joined the forum with. Hmmmm. Exuberance is the word i'm looking for. I look forward to your perspective.
Glad to have you with us Randy, stick around.