The Life Cycle of a American K

The Life Cycle of a American Kratom Seed Pod

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@guywithtrees That was awesome! If you ever get the chance you should do a time-lapse type video.

@Alviss we did experiment with this but we have up on it as we could not find a good solution. We had a go pro 3 that wasn't really great. We tried building a weatherproof system for it but it was overheating and had to be taken apart every day to pull the data off of it.

It would have been easier to take a picture daily and try that. Which stinks because the pods do change hourly in some stages.  

@guywithtrees Ahh I should have known you guys would have exhausted that avenue already 😁

@Colton lol we're trying. Might be able to do something with our drone swarm recording. But that will be down the road. Basically were going to have dozens of drones up recording and 3d drone mapping all at the same time. 

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@guywithtrees When do you think that footage will be ready?

@Colton here is a rough edit that needs a bit of work but a good idea on some of it.