Fresh Growth - What does it look like?
Hey there! Can anyone post some pictures or video of the process of fresh vegetative growth on kratom trees? Im not much of a botanist, but i see at the top of the stem, two more rigid leaf nodes. I can’t tell if new growth is starting or it’s stalling. Some of the lower node coverings rubbed off. If one leaf is trimmed from a set, will it sprout more? At what precise points is it best to clip for cuttings and bushy growth? The top set of leaves when my cutting first arrived were more red/pale green, but have grown slightly and turned a more normal darker green with sun exposure. Will a new set of leaves sprout from the top node coverings soon? Ive tried to google and look around but there arent a whole lot of clear chronological pictures showing the process of kratom’s growth. I guess i’m getting a little eager to see it happen!
@SubstanceTheSqid Don't have a lot of time to answer all your questions but I'm going to post a bunch of pictures so hopefully this helps. Seed pod coming out of node. ![alt text]( Baby leaf developing ![alt text]( Baby leaf developing ![alt text]( New leaf coming out of the node ![alt text]( New Kratom growth ![alt text]( New growth ![alt text]( New growth coming out the side of the Kratom tree ![alt text]( Macro shot of new node coming out of covering ![alt text]( Macro shot of new leaf developing in its first stage ![alt text]( Another macro shot of leaf developing ![alt text]( New leaf that has formed ![alt text]( Macro shot if first stage of seed pod development ![alt text]( New leaf developing ![alt text]( Macro shot of new leaf coming out of a node ![alt text]( New leaf ![alt text](
I’ve got a new set of leaves JUST beginning to form. Very exciting!
That's awesome!!! Do you have any pictures?
Yes, later today or tomorrow. I’d like to get a series of pictures of the leaf development.
@SubstanceTheSqid it was a video idea I had after I made the Kratom seed pod video. It took me 2 months to make this video so idk how long it would take to do the leaf video.