Hello😁. Kratom has saved my life!
I am somewhat new here. I created an account awhile back but I forgot about it until I saw it advertised in a Facebook group. So here I am! Kratom has saved my life! I have been suffering with chronic pain from my teenage years. I have tried every medication, street drug, substance etc to find some type of relief but nothing ever worked well enough. I was drinking all the time, depressed, hopeless and in major pain until I stumbled upon kratom. I heard about it from a reddit group that I was in and that's when my life changed! I don't drink hardly at all anymore, I'm mostly pain free, my depression is much better, anxiety is better and I can actually get out of bed and do things!! I finally have the ability to function and have a future for myself and my family!!!!
@Pezpez33 wow that is fantastic that you were able to find this wonderful medicine! Thanks for joining in on the app. Glad to see your back! :)