Weird leaves dying
Two leaves off the main trunk just turned this brown color overnight. I sure hope it's not an early warning sign of something more serious. I'm thinking it's just shedding a couple of trunk leaves ![IMG_20190810_182229.jpg]( )
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Hmm Haven't seen a tree do that. U sure they went brown over night and wasn't gradual?
I'm sure cuz I look at those damn things every single day morning and night caring for them like they're my child lol
If they are the oldest leaves on that branch, I wouldn't sweat it. Did the temperature suddenly change or other weather related changes occur? I've only seen frost cause so sudden a change in leaves, but I'm new (& old too)
No no changes in weather at least nothing drastic. And I've only seen that kind of coloration to with frost or chemical damage too of which both were impossible.
If its only those 2 leaves, and the rest look happy, I wouldn't worry