Kratom seed pod viability success
Bummer, I have that video we did of the cutting scheduled to go out. Would have loved to get the repotting on film. I plan on putting the brother of your tree in the next week or 2. I want to make sure it gets in rainy season. Definitely throw that up in the playlist. Mitragyna Hirsuta:
@atlasreptiles I would be careful with heavy rain or watering. Keep it moist but don't dump water as this might push the seeds further into the soil. But I guess once they sprout you don't have to worry about it too much. Just the ones that haven't sprouted yet. I don't doubt you get some more sprouts. Like this was way too much hard for what we were doing
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This is a fascinating thread! Cant wait to hear more about and get my hands on hirsuta. I like tiny hand pump misters to get seeds and soil surface wet. It makes it easier to follow up with a small watering can.


Here's about what 3 week growth difference from when these were posted. Definitely great looking seedlings!!
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