Faster than weeds!

These grow faster than weeds. I'm now thinking about making some clones via vegetative propagation.  They are only 2months out of their red solo cups and one month out of their 6 in inch pots! Faster than weeds.

Vietnamese, Malaysian,  Thai, and Indonesian ... allegedly. 

Tomorrow, I'm going to steam sterilize some clay pots with moist seed starting medium in them, sterilize my cutting tools and gallon ziplock bags, wash down the cuttings with hydrogen peroxide solution, and seal the whole sterile (hopefully) deal to root for 6 weeks, in bright indirect light. I'll be using the IBA rooting hormone on the stems and put a few tiny nicks in the stem to help initiate callous and rooting formation. Wish me luck. Any suggestions are appreciated here. 

forgive the stupid question but what's with all the sterilization and the peroxide. Why would all that be necessary

I worry about fungus.100% humidity may make this a problem. I used to clone orchids via meristem cloning and the long times of 100% humidity all sealed up makes fungus a real problem then. I've lost many clones to rot and fungus, especially those that need long times sealed up in a bag or other plastic container. Peat moss or sphagnum  does have some anti-microbial properties, but is no guarantee