Kratom sunrise

this lovely Sunrise brought to you by climate change.

bad ass shot are u still using that galaxy? 

yes I am, I'm too lazy to go get a new phone, although I really want one with some better camera features on it

@roadkill I highly recommend you look at the pixel line of phones. It has the best camera on a cell phone hands down. And the model 2 and 3 both use the same lenses although the AI is slightly different on the three. Everyone on our team uses a pixel phone to shoot with and we did that for color accuracy and because it's a really good camera.

those images are clean. I was a photographer for a number of years hauling around tons of equipment I love this new technology.

damn that's legit!! I'm going thru it now. Do u have a reel online?

no I'm still kind of an old Tech kind of guy slowly working my way into new tech shit