Hi from the UK
Hi all! I live in the UK and have been a Kratom user for about 4 years now.  I suffer from chronic back pain along with associated mood issues, mild ocd, anxiety etc. Being self employed, I cannot take time off work easily and I ended up addicted to pain meds and reliant on antidepressants.  Whilst attempting to detox from opiates I discovered Kratom. I have had the most stable years since using Kratom.  Unfortunately, our government in the UK have introduced a law “the psychoactive substances bill” which was intended to close the head shops, and prevent the use of dangerous chemicals that mimic illegal substances. Although achieving the former it has just moved  the sale of substances to the internet, making it more risky to buy them along with  making the sale of Kratom illegal.  I fortunately still have a supply and can continue to function with my “medication”  I have joined this forum as I have a dilemma. I am going to be taking a 2 week holiday in Florida shortly which I am looking forward to but also worried about. I cannot risk traveling with Kratom so I have 2 options. 1- go cold turkey, quit the Kratom before I travel, which I am not looking forward to.  2- find a way to buy Kratom whilst in Florida.  I am hoping someone on this forum will be able to advise me either way Anyway, that’s my story!  Thanks in advance for any replies  Bryan
Order some in the US before you leave and have it delivered to your hotel or house in Florida. And while I wouldn't suggest traveling with it, people do it ALL the time.
That’s. Good idea biz. I’m not telling you what to do, but as a suggestion, put the leaf in herb bottles like matcha bottles or super green supplement bottles which are whole servings of leafy green veggies that are ground up into the same consistency and color as kratom and people put them in shakes or mix with water to get their daily veggies. I travel a lot and thats what i do. Never had an issue. Again, only a suggestion. But biz has a good idea as well. Google kratom near your hotel. See if theres any places you can source it although most of us don’t support headshops but i’m Sure we are sympathetic to your situation
Oddly enough Florida seems to have a active kratom "scene". Depending where you are staying there are kratom/kava bars where you can sit and have a drink made and enjoy with others, a interesting alternative for non alcohol imbibers. If I was in Florida I would try to check one out just for the experience…..kratom use tends to be solitary it would be interesting to see it in a social setting. But all the ideas from Biz and Rob are quite clever. I have often thought that kratom carries a resemblence to spirulina or alfalfa suppliments.
Exactly aegis, use a similar looking herb. Nobody would ever know.
Welcome to the forum. What part of the Uk are you from? I spent some time in Cambridge before moving to the US permanently. As for access in FL, you won't find a better State for options. I'd just buy some when you get State side, shoot me a PM and i'll let you in on some suggestions.
Hello Astro, & Welcome to the forum  :welcomewave: It looks like the guys have given you some terrific ideas for traveling with your kratom. I do hope you will keep us updated & let us know how everything works out on your travels.