Spent the other day harvesting Kratom leaf from our American Kratom nursery to get prepared for the colder weather. How are you handling the cold?

  The plants are in the greenhouse and are nice and warm. It's more for the warmth as that keeps them growing fast, and keeps them from going dormant.  

  I got the 15 red veined leaves from kratomleaf.us, and am preparing some nice tea for the cooler mornings. Nice sale.

  I thought that I'd treat myself to some from an established Floridian tree, and hope that mine will someday be potent enough to really enjoy.

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I’ll be interested to hear how you like your tea, Pete.  I’ve never had the opportunity to try fresh leaves in tea.  Had a couple that I chewed and then gummed for a while once, not from GuyWithTrees - before I found y’all, and I was disappointed.  But having only bought 3 leaves, for them to be fresh they are shipped in small quantities, I’m quite sure I have a lot to learn AND ENJOY in the new year.