Heather W. Kime
@'Serena Brown': > I am fully aware and thankful that there is No vendor promotion on this forum. But I have been having an extremely hard time finding a responsible and ethical vendor. I spend a lot of money on kratom and it kills me that I have wasted thousands on terrible, sandy, weak to the point of useless kratom. The consumer dictates the product but How do I direct my money to and Ethical Vendor. How do I find a quality, professional vendor that really cares about the quality and production of this plant. These cowboy Vendors are giving kratom a bad name. Would someone please give me some insight on this and tell mie how do i go about finding these Vendors that actually deserve my business. HOW DO I KNOW IF THEY ARE GOOD VENDORS OR NOT! Its the wild west in the kratom industry and honestly I know nothing about the industry and where it REALLY comes from. ( i wish I had the money to start a kratom business and do it with the same care and quality that Starbucks does with coffee, i mean they have a bean team that travels the world looking quality coffee). > > _ETA: Please read the rules._
I've heard of sandy kratom since 08.. but never seen it myself. Welcome
I do sell Kratom, however, because of the rules, I can only recommend some excellent company's that offer Kratom thru PM. _ETA: As per Rule #14 (quoted below) naming specific vendors will be allowed only thru PM …_ > _14\. No vendor solicitation or advertising on the Forum. No links to vendor pages, videos, etc. **Naming specific vendors will be allowed ONLY thru PM.** Any vendor who uses our member list to PM anyone to solicit business will be banned with no notice. This is a safe place for people to learn & share information about kratom, let's keep it so_
sorry. These were manufactures, not vendors. sorry for the misunderstanding.
@'designerkratom': > sorry.  These were manufactures, not vendors.  sorry for the misunderstanding. No sorry's, DK, I understand misunderstandings. _Hmmm …_ that 's almost an oxymoron   :P To clarify for anyone who still may be unsure, any person or group of persons who participate in the act of selling or even giving kratom away for something, _anything_, is to, please, be discussed by PM only.  Thanks, DK, I really do get it … ![](https://i.imgur.com/o7nSlcC.gif)