Picked these trees up as a don

Picked these trees up as a donation to the Kratom nursery. They are a 5 year old 6 ft kratom tree weighing 250lb and a 5 year old hurista tree. 

Ripping kratom roots out of the group from a 5 year old kratom tree to bring it back to the nursery

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just got that bitch out of the car

0uch, your car may have stretch marks after delivering those twins!

@peteypyro yah there def were some scrapes and pushed in plastic. :(

@guywithtrees How are the transplanted trees doing? 3 week follow up. They had a rough month? 

@peteypyro they are both doing great! The big tree is probably going to end up where ever it landed cause moving it just isnt going to happen. The hurisuta is up against the shed and I'm going to tie it down for that hurricane coming thru. Need to get it in the ground but just been so busy. Crazy to think it's almost been a month and I havent even gotten another kratom plant. Lol jk

Ill try and upload some pics later.