Another youtube strike. This t

Another youtube strike. This time for a live stream we did. No sales content in the video it was just a loop of 10 older videos as a test on how to do streams with obs.


Bitchute is a good replacement for you tube 

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 This is why I love our users. Ask and you will receive a answer. Thanks for the heads up. I'm about to abuse their servers with uploads lol. 

you’re welcome my friend 


This is another one to replace you tube ( Rumble )

Sick!!! Thanks!! The more the merrier.

@guywithtrees. bump. 

maybe we code word it MiTrAGynA $pEcIoUSA from now on.?? lol 🤔

@peteypyro What is flagging is that customers are playing my videos on my sales website at a strong rate and youtube does not want that so they either delete my videos or age restrict them. 

@guywithtrees Typical Fascist  Gov't/corporate cancel culture going on.  First they silence you, then they take your guns,  then you're in a police state, and can't complain or resist. 

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@peteypyro Operation Choke Point. That is what it is called. 

@guywithtrees always appeal, anytime anywhere your content is removed,99% of the time it is not in fact waved by community or does anything to violate a law,it is fact done by artificial intelligence and if contested then a real human has to look at video in which case they will likely 99% of time put it back up ,dont put links for purchase,dont discuss sales,and if the product is legal than should be fine,i have had many of my garden vids on many accounts removed,i have had many pics vids on ig removed ,never load direct to youtube using youtube camera vid or ig or facebook,always use your own camera then share to those places,also remember that most phones will be set to gps so in my case my video pics all have exact

address where taken in meta data🖕 example of take down on ig,and also follow up where they re posted it, of someone i follow whom does not sell anything and vid pic was probably of him consuming cannabis which is perfectly legal in his state

Censorship is such a headache. You also get censored if you have a difference of opinion than the official narratives or if you simple question the status quo