I tried the tea this morning a

I tried the tea this morning and to cut the bitterness I mixed it with hot cocoa mix. It turned out really good and not too sweet, not too bitter.

cocoa, coffee are a couple of good mixes. Coffee is a cousin to Kratom. The bitter the better.  More alkaloids. 😃

That’s so interesting.  I have not ever been able to potentiate kratom with ANY other substance and I’ve tried a bunch over the years.  My metabolism just refuses to respond to anything WITH kratom.  So I just have whatever I’m having.  After about 3 or 4 bites of food with carbohydrates, the kratom benefits are gone forever.  A good hour of pain after eating, having waited 20-30 minutes to start over. Luckily it eventually helps again, but then I’m hungry again, lol   (sarcasm and humor included here.  I don’t always eat something every hour).

But.  I absolutely recommend tea, but it’s not easy to get a good tea.  In my metabolism, tea is more effective for pain than powder IN MOST CASES.  I buy it by the case and each bottle has 1-2 servings, but it’s $7.50 a bottle!  I use them sparingly, so I’m sure that’s part of why I find the tea so helpful.

I was going to meet a friend but they were delayed. I chewed three leaves at 930, but knew I had five hours. I made some tea, but didn't like the flavor. I added dark chocolate to it which made it palatable. I think it gave me an extra hour, because around 3:30 I felt the pain start. By the time I got home I could barely walk.

No results on the citrus juice yet. I haven't really noticed a difference in the efficiency. 

Sounds exactly like me!  Same results on a good day!