I stopped taking Kratom on Thu

I stopped taking Kratom on Thursday. I was really off center with my schedule. I was still taking low amount of it because I believe less is more, but some how my sleeping patterns had gotten really messed up.

I reset by stopping for three days. This wasn't very difficult and it proves the lack of addiction to the leaf as a chemical, but I still believe mentally someone could get addicted to anything (sex, abuse, coffee, chocolate...)

Yesterday around 3pm I couldn't take the pain and chewed two leaves. After 60 minutes, the main subsided, there was some areas of my body which still had pain but it was minimal. 

Last night was the first good night of sleep in three days. I slept all the way through the night as compared to waking up at 3am and 4am on the previous mornings, not feeling well rested at all and causing me to go back to bed at 6am to get more sleep.

This morning I feel well rested, centered and reset.

I still have some pain which I can't explain. I'm going to the doctor's this week to see if I pulled a muscle in my rib cage. I had worked out for the first time in a year with a trainer, which might be related to it.

To any Kratom users, especially first timers, learn the cycle on and off. I find it very important to learn when you need it and when you don' t need it.

tolerance breaks help me too. 

   4 days on, 3 off. etc.

today at 3pm I tried chewing three leaves. it took what seemed like two hours to kick in fully, but I started to feel it at the first hour.

by the time I went out to work on some errands, it was doing good. I went to costco and was able to get around easy with out pain.

Still doing well here at 6pm. I think this might be a better cycle. By 9pm I'll be ready to go to sleep.