Starting last week, I am using a different delivery system for my Kratom.

In the mornings I make a smoothie with all the fresh veggies and fruit I have on hand (celery, carrots, spinach, avocado, strawberry, raspberry, banana and pineapple.

I will usually add water and Greek yogurt to it, along with two deveined leaves. I blend for a few minutes in my Ninja until everything is really mixed/cut up.

The effect hits at 45-60 minutes. It will last for 5-6 hours (normal) but I don't have to worry about constipation or using sugar/honey to coat the leaves. Plus no bitter flavor.

The first day I had some loose BMs but then my body adjusted.

No need for taking a laxative, the fresh greens and fruit do the job. I also think I'm getting maximum effect from the leaves because my body is breaking them down, since they are tiny bits.


On a side note, I put my remaining leaves in a dehydrator. I noticed that they sweated out an oil. I was careful to keep that oil and not waste it.

The effects seem more mellow with the dried leaves in the smoothie, I believe it is more a controlled release.

I still need to work on the 3pm problem, which is that I get really tired around 3pm and crash for two hours.

I might mix things up and do a second smoothie at 2pm, but with one leaf.


My sleep has been better too. I'm 50/50 at sleeping until 6 or 6:30 am, with a few mornings getting me to 7-8am.

yah the crash makes sense between doses. But what's up with the dehydrator? What is the purpose? Do you notice any effects? What is the outcome of the leaf? 

I’m also interested in the dehydrator aspect.  Interesting 🧐!  Sounds like you’re noticing that midday dose is needed. I find the day’s kratom use can sometimes seem cumulative.  So I use half my usual amount during that 2-3PM crash.  Hopefully you tried that by now, @Patrickc