This ia a blown up pic of what

This ia a blown up pic of what i thought were kratom seeds but idk i have pods but no magnifying glass 

nice photos. seed pod chaff and seeds . 🌝🌲

@peteypyro thank you i was not sure but i assume there are seeds in there, can you identify for me what items are the seeds? I do not know,because of size i knocked around seed pod inside bag to get items in pod to come out without losing anything,

@Urbanshaman I gently shred my pods like ganja, and sow the whole crumbled lot onto damp sphagnum moss, press it in a bit,  and seal it up for a month or two.

   Guywithtrees also has very good videos of his technique. which is successful. 🌲🌲🌲🌲🌲