how to make your own soil for

how to make your own soil for free 

sick! Well that is handy! Thanks!

@guywithtrees little known fact, corporate growers in fla use humanure/ yes effluent aka your shit,it is a booming secret business,think minute maid, (think miracle grow) i dont mean a backyard farmer,i mean on a federal state level,they take effluent treated sewage and bag it and sell it, this is a huge billion dollar unknown biz

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@Urbanshaman That does not surprise me about FL. All our governors have been scum. Just one shitty guy after another.

@Urbanshaman BioSolids fresh from your local sewage treatment plant... complete with estrogen and other hormones from the pills people take every day.  I prefer cow manure,  but even those are loaded with antibiotics and things.  If mushrooms don't and can't grow in their 'pies' it means that they are treated with antibiotics that stop fungi from growing.  

THE best is 'composted mushroom mix', from mushrooms farms after the steam sterilized  organic cow manure is exhausted by the mushrooms.  It's not too 'hot' and I've even planted tomato plants INTO the whole 2 cubic foot big bag... with holes for drainage.  Fast n easy.....

  I remember the days of very early morning trips to the local organic dairy farm and collecting great 'shrooms from around the pine trees, by flashlight. ..... but that's another whole story, lol.