Your voice is needed W.H.O.

I believe this is current oh, I did my best to verify it's happening now

@roadkill Thanks for posting this 'must watch'.  The FDA is a pseudo-science political trashy agency,  bought for by big pharma, and needs reigning in or needs to be decommissioned!

It's amazing that this shit keeps happening. If they can't control it, tax it, make a profit off it, the pharmaceutical companies, governments or media will work together to spread misinformation to promote a narrative of fear to the public.

Why does alcohol still exist in stores when it kills a hundred thousand of people every year, puts a burden on the health care industry and causes suffering through addiction? What about all the other additive vices, like sex, gambling, alcohol, tobacco or EVEN SUGAR still exist in our lives?

Alcohol, sugar and tobacco attribute to over 400,000 related deaths every year in America.

Lying, cheating, thieves who seek to subvert our lives through their hypocrisy?