I am just a kratom newbie, discovering it six months ago. Since then, I have read just about everything I can get my hands on about it, unless it had to do with chemistry. I leave that to the higher beings. I have been dealing with chronic pain since I herniated a disk in my back 11 years ago, then had surgery the next year because I was in horrible pain and starting to lose feeling in my feet…and after my surgery, I ended up with Fibromyalgia and being in pain everywhere, all the time. Since then, my joints are also starting to fall apart. Anyway, I have been going to pain management doctors for the past ten years and have been on just about every legal pain med available. I am currently on MS Contin, but I alternate it with kratom. I am so grateful to have found kratom because I never again have to worry about my pharmacy being out of stock (it's happened, more than once), my doctors suddenly cutting me off (hasn't happened to me, but I have seen it happen to others), or if I just want to quit taking pharmaceuticals. Kratom has given me choices and stopped my worries about not being able to get a prescription filled. I used to worry every month because you never know when a pharmacy will be out and my refill appointments are every 30 days, so I don't have extras.  I have also helped friends and family members find kratom for pain and anxiety. It's so awesome to be able to help people feel better. So, thanks to the AKA for doing their best to keep it legal.
Welcome to the forums, and more importantly i'm glad Kratom is working well for you. I suffer from similar issues, and it's nice to know that your well being isn't in the hands of a doctor. :)
@'will': > it's nice to know that your well being isn't in the hands of a doctor. :) Isn't that the truth. My anxiety about the whole chronic pain situation has gone down 100 fold. I hate being treated like I was a criminal at the doctors and pharmacy. If these people only knew what we go through. :dodgy: