Kratom and healing
I just can't say enough how much kratom has helped me gain control over my pain. I want to thank everyone who donate and supports the a.k.a. My local congressman is Frank Lobiondo who i am so grateful to for everything he has done. This fight isn't over and we can never give up. Hit by a car at 8 years old my body was shot and still is now. Kratom has made it possible to live again and I'm not letting them take it away.
Good morning Christopher , sorry to hear about your accident. 8 years is a long time I am glad to hear kratom is helping you as well as so many other. You are lucky you have loBiondo on your team! I would love to hear more about what strains you are using for pain? As well as what you are doing in advocating for kratom. I look forward to reading your posts in the rest of the forum. If you see me say hello.
Hello. Red maeng da and red agatha. Green riau and green Vietnam Rotate them daily . I am dealing with broken ribs now and it's bad. This has been going on for 4 months now. Going to an endocrinologist in a few weeks. 5 total. No pain killers at all. My doctor was shocked and actually wrote it in my chart. Taking herbal medicine with great results. My advocacy is local to be honest. Just like everywhere else the is an opiate epidemic. Trying to spread the word locally with mayors and law enforcement.
Broken ribs suck so bad…a person should not be afraid to breathe and now the doctors will not even wrap them because they say you need to take deep breaths. I have never heard of the agatha and riau. If you had time could you do a review or breakdown in the favorites section I would be very interested in the red and how its effects differ from the maeng da...pain relief, sleep, socially...the whole enchilada. Man! After typing that i'm hungry for enchiladas.
Hello & a big Welcome to the forum, Christopher  :) Kratom truly is a wonder, so many lives changed for the better. I _never_ get tired of reading the successes, they give me the will & the strength to keep on fighting another day! I found kratom when I was dealing with the severe pain of a broken back & it was a tremendous discovery that allowed me to manage my pain before as well as after spinal fusion surgery. The pain relieving qualities of kratom are nothing short of miraculous! How long have you been using kratom? Also, I am very curious about your "Red Agatha" as I have never heard of that particular strain. Please elaborate, if you don't mind. As for your broken ribs, Yikes! Been there, four on my left side & three on my right (nasty car accident). One thing I discovered that may be helpful for you; when my ribs would get particularly painful &/or I needed to breathe deeply or cough I would hug a pillow to my chest. It worked very well for me, perhaps it will for you too.
Local grassroots advocacy is really the best, it is much tougher for a mayor or city councilman or police chief to vote against someone that they know is a normal upstanding citizen that they have talked to had coffee with and knows your story. It really is the base of our society. Do you just show up with doughnuts and coffee and kratom info or set appointments? How were you received? I would like to hear about your plans for your next move..I am planning a thread on local grassroots activism and your insight would be appreciated.
Welcome to the forums. It is through mediums like this we can archive our shared experiences and create a rich source of information to nullify the dogma we are saddled with out the gate. Thank you for doing your part.