Kratom saved marriage, fatherhood, and life
Hi guys, New to the site! This incredible little plant got me off opis, Suboxone, and broke me free of the chains of pain mgmt and addiction. It also helped me to be stable enough to save my marriage and allow me to be the father I know I’m meant to be! There’s no amount of effort I won’t exert to maintain access to the holistic miracle cure for myself! I praise the AKA for what they do and want to be involved! Anyone plz feel free to msg me! My testimony is evidence of the miraculous power of this plant! Klay
@klay-kirk It's a real pleasure to meet you, Klay, & Welcome to our community. If you have any questions please do not hesitate to ask me, ok?
@itzatwist Thank you! I look forward to getting to know everyone Klay
Congratulations Klay! Keep up the good work and it's great to have you with us!
@dijon-evans Thanks brother! I’ve truly been granted a new lease on life and I’m ready to join the fight for Kratom and it’s beneficiaries! Sooooo glad to be here
@klay-kirk awesome leaf!! I love seeing great kratom journeys. Kratom forever changed my life. Happy to have you here.
Saved me in many ways too, brother. Glad you’re aboard!
It is good to be on your team Mr. Kirk. Glad to hear about the awesome work that Kratom has done in your life. Obviously your wife and children have been beneficiaries of Kratom also.
@the_professor Yessir, you as well. I sustained a brutal injury playing football in college and my life was a struggle w/ pain and addiction for 20 yrs until I found Kratom! It’s given me my life back! That’s why I’m so angry about honest, good ppl who are productive members of society who are not able to obtain the treatment they see fit! Especially when it beats the hell outta opis! God bless you. Strength and prayers your way!!
@klay-kirk Not to mention what my poor wife has went through! But, it truly is over now! God forbid, if they’d outlaw Kratom tomorrow, it’s still saved my life bc the hold opis had on me has been broken
@klay-kirk Dear Mr. Kirk: Thank you for sharing part of your story with me. It is quite compelling. I am very proud of what you have been able to accomplish and you should feel quite good about yourself also!!!! It is a testament to several things: 1. Your desire to change your situation 2. The power of Kratom to help with an opiate addition 3. Forgiveness and healing of the human spirit The part of Ohio in which I reside is beset with an ever worsening opiate crisis. Beyond worrying about my own situation, which will be manageable, there will be many people in my surrounding neighborhoods who will be driven back to opiates from Kratom if scheduled. I think that would be a pretty logical and expected outcome. Well, in any case, I wanted to give you a few words of encouragement along the way. It sounds as if your journey has a difficult one; but by the grace of God and your own indomitable spirit, those days are a thing of the past. Glad to call you a brother. Steve
@the_professor absolutely Steve, glad to know you as well! It’s been a living hell for a long time but, by Gods grace, it’s behind me now! If there’s anything I can do to help plz let me know! Your situation is abhorrent and is an example of a government that doesn’t know what they’re dealing with and doesn’t care to learn! Strength and prayers your way!!
For some of us it's personal. We have a board member in Ohio, and I was in a State they tried to take out in 16 that was reversed and shut down. That experience brought me here.
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@klay-kirk Mr. Kirk: I was thinking about you recently. How are you doing? Still staying the course. You are a good man. I am proud of who you are. Prof
@klay-kirk Like the Professor, I would also like to know how you are doing, Klay. I forgot to tell you something important about your own story that I connect to very personally ![0_1549323742026_smile.png]( * This; "*It also helped me to be stable enough to save my marriage*" My PTSD manifested as debilitating anxiety & the severest form of insomnia. All of this caused a "darkness" that included an instability I have never experienced before. This darkness created a "me" that was terribly difficult for Mr. *(my husband)* to live with. It's not that he didn't love me or that he is/was not willing to fight to keep our marriage ... it's that my "darkness" drove me to become someone *entirely* different than the woman he married. I had become impossible to live with & the truth is, that is putting it mildly. So, not only has our precious Leaf saved me twice *(whole nother story)* it has saved my marriage to a very good man ![0_1549323888050_cool.png](
@will Hi Will: Thank you for the note. I am not quite sure what to do if they schedule, but I am a survivor. I will find another plan; the problem is that Kratom has been the only thing that has ameliorated so many of my mental and physical issues. I will keep my eye on the results come 3/4 (that is when I think OBOP is meeting). I haven't seen their agenda yet. Steve
@ska Hi ska: Under '9 yrs' I wrote a more complete story of my 'real story'. We share many things including an almost failed marriage due to debilitating anxiety. Why my wife stayed with me I will never know. As I mentioned, I was housebound and had to dig out of it through my own with no help because none was known at the time. It was rough, but I am a survivor as are you. I am obsessed that Ohio will schedule, but I will come out on the other side somehow. By the way, you asked in your other note if 'I got it'...the answer is 'I got it' and 'I GET YOU'.....keep on being you....because that is REALLY GOOD. Steve
@the_professor Thank You, Professor. After reading it I agree with you completely ... we have many similarities in our life stories. *Please to check your email, ok?* ![0_1549412266113_wave.2.gif](
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@ska Hi my friend: I added some text to the chat. Sorry about the verbosity, but just another similarity to share and wanted to make sure it was clear. Thanks for everything. Steve
@the_professor Please, no apologies, I thoroughly enjoy your words & do not even think of stopping, ok?
@ska I really like the tag line: 'In a Time of Universal Deceit Telling the Truth is a Revolutionary Act'. Great job. I have sent you an e-mail and a chat message with an answer to the riddle. I am hoping that you have the greatest of days, one filled with comfort and peace.
@the_professor Hey, Professor, I hope you are doing well & Thank You for your compliment on my tag line ... it struck a chord with me too. Please, let me know how you're doing or even a simple hi when you get the opportunity ... ![0_1549934699814_blink.gif](
@klay-kirk How are you doing, Klay? I would love to hear from you ![0_1549934854758_smile.png](
Hello everyone, I hope that you are all doing well this morning!
@ska @Dijon-Evans Hi, ska. Thank you for your reply. About the tag line, I like people who deal in the truth. I used to work in a major multi-national corporation (Fortune 100 company) and my team would do data science work for upper management. I was told by my management not to deliver negative news to upper management. I used to have an expression that used to be my career-limiting tag-line...and it went something like this...'Negative truth is still truth'. Needless to say, I did not bend to the pressure of my own management, nor did I ever compromise the truth, at least to the extent that I could perceive or understand it. That is what I like about you and that is what I like about the tag line. SKA and DIJON: I do not get every thing right in what I say in my posts as most of the information is 'off the top of my head' and I am not as knowledgeable about Kratom as others are; so I try to correct my mistakes when I can. I made a mistake in a post I made somewhat earlier, attributing 'Do no harm' to Hippocrates, but that phrase was originally in Latin and of course could not have been said by Hippocrates. It became part of the physician's oath (called the Hippocratic oath) in the Middle Ages. Anyway, it is nice to hear from you and Dijon. You have been most kind to me as I have posted to this forum (I guess that is what you call this venue). I was away for a few days preparing myself for a day trip to Disney World. My wife wanted to go and I promised to take her. However, it took every ounce of my internal fortitude to get through it. There were so many people around coming into contact with me, touching me and the sort. I have spent the last couple of days recovering. I did take some Kratom, but not enough as per my strategy for March in Ohio. My daughter has to have surgery on March 1 and I have to cut my time short here in Florida. During the time here, I have immersed myself in personal study taking courses in advanced Data Science and Artificial Intelligence engine creation (I programmatically created on that worked pretty well!) as well as teaching myself how to play the guitar. It has been a wonderful time alone in healing from 2018. I have been tapering down my Kratom use in preparation for the worst possible outcome in Ohio. I am hoping and praying for the best and preparing for the worst (my lifestyle modus operandi). I have developed my personal strategy to survive and go on. Ska and Dijon: You are a beacon of solid love-light in an otherwise very dark world to me and no doubt to many others. You have a spirit of encouragement and comfort. Thank you for caring enough to include me in the discussions and embracing me for all my weirdness. Kratom has been a wonder leaf for me, but alas.... Steve