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I’m having a very difficult time with tea. I’ve been using it since August with no results? I just wish that I can get a hang of this but have yet to find this “sweet spot” that everyone is experiencing? It’s not the vendors, it’s me?!?! I haven’t gone above 5g and I don’t want to go back to meds!! I’ve been off since December and I’m praying for advice? What can I do because I can’t get sick from to much? I do everything that your supposed to do and I’ve even tried turmeric, grapefruit and still nothing! Any advice would be much appreciated 😊
@marenchesky77 Hello & Welcome to our community, Maren ![0_1549229031671_welcome.gif]( What I will need from you is more info. What condition are your attempting to deal with & what meds were you using in the past? Also, what, exactly are you hoping to accomplish? This is a good place to start. I will wait to hear back from you with the additional, ok?
Have you ever tried to take it in its natural form (TnW or not as a tea)? Some find tea not very effective, or more likely, hard to make it so it is effective. I guess what I'm saying is it the method your using that's the problem or is it Kratom in general. Have you ever just mixed in in juice and chugged it? You might find better results. Hopefully, if you answer Ska's questions above, that will help to narrow down some advice.
@ska I was on the highest mg of oxy and have been clean for 2 months. I just want good mood and some energy? I have plenty of tea from good vendors and yes I TnW only. The highest I’ve gone was 5gr. I was on the meds for at least 6 yrs and I don’t want to go back. I experience headaches but I drink plenty of water. I just don’t know what is going on? I’m trying to get what everyone else claims?
@bizaro22 I replied but it’s below. Still new to this 😂 Would love any advise you can give me 😊😊😊
@MAC1 I understand completely. I was taking 300mg of Oxy per day and quit with Kratom. Been clean almost three years now. So first, congratulations. I think what your issue might be is you're expecting too much. I also read what everyone writes and wonder why I'm not getting what they're getting. My question is, now that you're off the meds (which Kratom was great for), what other real ailments do you have. A lot of the things you read is not from what Kratom makes people feel, but what it "doesn't" make them pain or anxiety. That in turn makes them feel great. Now me, after quitting Rx, I had no other issues. I don't have pain or anxiety or depression. So while I still take Kratom daily, mostly as a routine (ex-addicts just like routines), it doesn't really do anything for me. But again, I go back to what Kratom really takes things away (withdrawals, pain, anxiety). It doesn't really do much for adding things to your life (energy, big mood lift, etc). So maybe you're expecting too much. I take 3g 5x per day if that helps any. Kratom is a very gentle leaf and is very mild in its effects so maybe you're just expecting too much. The other thing is maybe you should try different vendors and strains. You really have to experiment to find what works for you.
@bizaro22 you get me!!!!! So the question is what does it do for you? I have so many types of strains from all different good vendors, that’s not the problem I agree I think I’m taking to much. I’ll stick with 2 then. Thanks so much 😊😊😊 I really want to know what you feel, contentment? Thanks!!!
@MAC1 Honestly.....absolutely nothing. Maybe some morning pick me up, but that could be in my head. Also, some people are just not sensitive to things put in their body. I'm not. I can drink a ton of coffe and go to sleep. Even Oxy didn't do to me what it did to others. Like I said, it's not a recreational leaf. It's more about what it takes away then what it gives you...but some people sensitive to it can get some mood lift. It's all very mild regardless. Most of what you read are from people in pain, so obviously they will feel great when that goes away. Also lower amounts are supposed to give you some energy, higher amounts will be more relaxing. 2-5 grams is a good area to work in.
@bizaro22 I’m just like you!!!!! So out of all the different tea, which ones are your go to that you might think give you pep? I can drink a pot of coffee and go to sleep and same with the meds. WOW, we are totally in the same boat!! Thanks so much!
@MAC1 I'd stick to greens and maybe whites if that's your goal, although some whites can make you jittery. Green Malay, maybe a Maeng Da. I only take it as it's a ritual for me. As an ex-addict it gives me something to do every 5 hours, like how I use to take pills (or worse things). Having a non-harmful routine is just good for me but I have no real reason to burn as it doesn't do anything for "me". Sometimes you get the nuances of the leaf after a while, but it will not hit you over the head.
@bizaro22 I actually think reds are opposite for me and I do 2 every 3 hours because I need to. I think I metabolize it faster. I took 2 and feel a little pick me up but this will fade fast. Well I am so glad I found someone that is fairly the same 😊 I’m not in pain, depressed, I’m just have addictive personality
@MAC1 As Biz has explained, I agree completely because it is a fact that kratom has allowed me an "absence" of the debilitating anxiety that is a harsh symptom of my PTSD. I will take this one step further; Because I no longer feel incapacitated by the anxiety I have suffered with, the darkness of the swirling racing thoughts that freeze me up & the extreme insomnia that allows me no sleep to the point where I cannot function, guess what? When I use kratom I *definitely* feel a mood uplift & energy boost because our precious Leaf brings me UP from the darkness of my PTSD & back into how NORMAL people feel. When you are down so low, feeling normal is a blessing. I hope you understand what I am saying. ![0_1549315785819_smile.png]( *Please read what Biz has written very carefully MAC1* ... he knows what he is talking about.
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@MAC1 Reds will sometimes do that, give you a burst of energy, then fade to relaxation. Greens normally will keep that burst going for 3 or 4 hours. I'd still recommend a green, or at least mix a green with a red if necessary. The biggest way to get let down with Kratom is to "chase" a feeling. Addicts do it all the time. Not only will you fail, but most will blow their tolerance sky high in the process.
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@mac1 Added note; There really are quite a few people in our community (the kratom community) who are "opposites". But again, Biz is on point because Green Strains are considered "middle of the road" so whether you an "opposite" or a "normal" Greens are the best place to start ![0_1549319903176_cool.png](
@ska maybe it’s just my imagination if it’s so unheard of?!?!
@mac1 said in [New member and excited to get some answers?](/post/2738): > @ska maybe it’s just my imagination if it’s so unheard of?!?! I apologize, Mac, but I am not entirely sure what you are saying. Could you please elaborate?
If reds are not opposite for some people? That’s what I got from your post? If I misinterpreted it than I apologize but I really do not get tired, relaxed from reds. Greens seem to do that to me.
@mac1 said in [New member and excited to get some answers?](/post/2740): > If reds are not opposite for some people? That’s what I got from your post? If I misinterpreted it than I apologize but I really do not get tired, relaxed from reds. Greens seem to do that to me. That's ok, Mac. Some people are opposites in that; Reds are energizing & Whites are sleepy. For most, the very general rule of thumb is that Reds are sleepy & Whites are energizing. Greens are middle of the road.
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Do you mind my 2 cents worth? I have only been using it for a week or so, but I think I know what you mean. At first I thought it was going to make me feel 10 years younger and ready to rock and roll....and I have found it just makes me feel normal. Happy and normal and in my case, that gives me the energy to get on with my day. My pain is almost all gone and most importantly, the low level opiate withdrawal anxiety I seem to live with all the time due to a tolerance to meds and doctor refusal to increase dose is gone, which allows me to concentrate on all the other stuff I need to do. Its truly amazing. I take 2 grams twice a day mixed in a little chocolate milk and just drink it down in a couple gulps. It is nasty tasting for sure. My husband told me it smells like hay before I drink it. I hope I helped.
Well I guess it was to good to be true! Was hopeful that this would work in my favor. We shall see what happens, I have a ton of tea that will now go to waste. Thanks everyone for your great help and info!
@mac1 said in [New member and excited to get some answers?](/post/2775): > Well I guess it was to good to be true! Was hopeful that this would work in my favor. We shall see what happens, I have a ton of tea that will now go to waste. > Thanks everyone for your great help and info! I apologize but I am not entirely clear as to why you have, " *...a ton of tea that will now go to waste*"? I sincerely hope that will not be the case for you & if there is anything that I can do or explain, please do not hesitate to ask me, ok? ![0_1549529728375_flirt.gif](
Neither am I ? Are you referring possibly to a court decision ( personal issue? Or?) Are you in a State in which it has been banned?
I think he just means it's not doing much for him, so what's the use...
@bizaro22 yes what you just stated is correct. Off to find other ways to stay on the right path. We shall see!