My Kratom Journey
I first found kratom in Nov 2014\. I had joined a kratom group that offered free samples to try. I came across kratom while researching natural pain remedies. I had posted a picture of my pill case in a chronic pain group cause I was desperate to quit some of the meds I was on. A woman copied my picture & posted it in the kratom group I had joined. I was mortified because I was skeptical of this plant I was researching & was wondering why this woman reposted my picture. I wrote a comment on my picture & the woman reached out to me. That was the best day of my life! She talked with me for weeks helping me to order & talking me through dosing & strains. We became very close friends & still chat often. I was able to quit pain, anxiety, sleep & nerve meds. I have met some of the closest friends I have in the kratom community. I help with the AKA State pages & will continue to fight for legality. Kratom saved my life.
What an awesome journey. Glad to have you working with us, and welcome to the forum. :D
That is an awesome journey. I never tire of hearing such heartwarming success stories. Welcome to the forum. Glad to have you here.