Bumblebee kratom
I was told that these were bumblebee when I got them. Can anyone confirm that? Is this used in the same way as regular kratom? Not sure if I am wasting my time with these. the second pic is of my rifat and my red vein, really looking forward to when I can harvest something off of them. https://photos.smugmug.com/photos/i-TMdLR66/0/11038287/X3/i-TMdLR66-X3.jpg https://photos.smugmug.com/photos/i-6xNF9kX/0/88382ffc/XL/i-6xNF9kX-XL.jpg
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Not sure if it's bumble. But, rifat bumblebee are both Kratom trees. they have the same opportunity to grow and become potent. It's how they grow that matters. Also I'd recommend you start looking at getting bigger pots. How ever tall the tree is, it's roots are twice as tall. Heres a link to a tree I picked up from someone with it's roots bursting out of the plastic. https://youtu.be/w5x4m0pkZxo Also check out osmocote as a good fertalizer.
They look pretty darn good. What zone are you growing them in and how long have you had them? I have pink, red, bumble, rifat and red vein but they all display varying vein colours depending on the time of year.
I'm in Florida so I'm hoping that I can get a couple of these to be full size mature trees. So I'm still not sure if that's a bumblebee Kratom and again with bumblebee kratom can you take it the same way you do the regular kratom? Would love to see a picture of your bumblebee Kratom and see if it's the same leaf pattern. Yeah I've been meaning to get them out of those pots and either go to a larger pot or straight to the ground haven't decided yet thanks very much for the replies