The App
For the programmer of the app. It would be helpful if when I get notifications of a post or a reply when I click on that that it takes me to the post or the reply currently it does not do that
Awesome suggestion. I just went ahead and pushed out an update to open up the post whenever someone comments on it. Now for the first test..
I'm still trying to nav my way around but I'm getting the hang of it. I love this app
@Monnie-Fuq-LaVenus thanks for joining! We are adding new features all the time! Are you aware we also have a iOS and Android app?
@Monnie-Fuq-LaVenus Please, please share any feedback on what you think we could do to make the app easier to use for you and everyone else who would like to get engaged. ūüĆě
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I can get the word out on social media if that's what you mean?
That be great! We have been using the hashtag #kratomapp to help get the word out about the app.