ASMR - Processing Unrooted Kratom Cutings
Isn't that really kinda of large for a cutting? It'll get a wierd sway to it
None of my cuttings have a sway to them because of how I process them.
How do you process them? Do you have any videos or pictures?
I'll post some pictures soon. Yeah
When you do go here's a short tutorial on how to post images. You need to get the URL from either Pinterest or imgur. ![alt text]( Replace image url with the new link. ![alt text](
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![alt text]( ![alt text]( These are 4 inches tall, one is two days post incubator. The other is 12 days post incubator. They were in a warm sunlit, 100% humidity environment, I use my own special method of stressing them over a 24 hour period to acclimate them to this climate, they also seem to get stronger trunks this way and are able to withstand some pretty high winds. These have been transplanted from 4 oz to 1 gal containers prior to them being placed in a 1/2 and 1/2 sun and shade outside
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@LovingProjector1 very nice! When you say your own special method of stressing them. How are you stressing them?
@LovingProjector1 How long does it take you to root your cuttings? What is your success rate for cloning? Are you using natural or artificial light? Do your cuttings suffer from rot? What material are you rooting them in? Thanks for taking the time to share your experience 😊
I didn't realize you were able to take such a large cutting and get it to root. Thank you for sharing that video was great very educational. Do you just make that Pete Ball by taking some peat moss getting it wet and scrunching it
@will it takes me about two- three weeks to root a cutting from cut to outdoors, it depends on how fast it wants to grow. I use miracle grow potting soil. I have them in a rich in co2 environment, I use a 45w LED grow light set to 12/12 Along with natural sunlight through for a few hours each day, which also warms it up, the LED grow light keeps them standing upright instead of bending when they take root. If they do talk I use something to stand them up, and only hemp string because it's gentle on their young trunks. They are pretty much submerged in water 24/7 as well as I have healthy algae growth, you wouldn't guess it, but Kratom and algae grow really well together. When they are at the height they are now, I stress them in an outdoor environment using my own way of doing it's hard to explain. They do fall over, but they is part of the process, they need the stress, the low humidity, high light, high oxygen, lower co2 stress that's nearly instaneous. I only do small batches at a time, large batches would require me to have more equipment. Then for the next few days to weeks, I introduce them to a permanent climate. My goal is to partner up with someone to maybe do business with, and get a hold of local nurseries once I have enough.
@will I've only lost 2 out of ten cuttings, so my growth rate is 80%
@roadkill I have done that before. But now I just use peat pods that you can get at the store.