Fresh leaf tea
Simmered 30 fresh leaf with 4 table spoons of lemon juice for 35 minutes. ![IMG_20190707_220332.jpg]( ![IMG_20190707_204405.jpg]( ![IMG_20190707_220323.jpg](
How many fresh kratom leaves did you use?
30 leafs seem like a lot now what will you do with that concoction? I've never used fresh Leaf before
@roadkill I like to freeze it into ice cubes that are diluted in warm water for another day.
What is the dilution rate? I'm currently using 6.5 grams powdered leaf how would fresh leaf compare with that
How did it feel once it took affect

@Jason-Long fantastic! So damn strong. Takes away my pain so quickly but I don't suffer to much just your general being alive type of pain. 

What are the advantages of fresh leaf over the powder? Where do you purchase? Is the chance of mold much reduced with fresh leaf (seems like it would be but I’m ignorant on this subject).