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Should I not have posted about kratom being advertised as an opiate? Did i make a mistake?
No not at all. I'm trying to get us through the apple approval process which means I have to move some content into private groups until the review is complete. I am totally against such marketing and fully believe his behaviors will cause him potential liabilities at a future time. Government agencies really don't appreciate such seedy marketing practices, nor do payment processors. It's unfortunate that his actions and others like him cast a shadow on the great people in this community and create stigma.
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For the record, calling it an opioid is technically correct and calling it an opiate is wrong. Advertising/trying to sell kratom for consumption using either word is illegal as far as i know and as unethical as can be.
I see it this way: they work on the same receptors but if I tried selling you a Mercedes Benz and u came to collect and ended up with a Honda civic, you'd be pissed and my response would be "why be mad, they both do the same thing, right?"