Mitragyna species, and alkaloid/genetics discussion
Mitragyna speciosa (Korth./Havil.) M. hirsuta (Havil.) M. diversifolia syn. javanica (Havil.) M. parvifolia (Roxb./Korth.) M. rotundifolia (Roxb./Kuntze) M. inermis (Willd./Kuntze) M. tubulosa (Kuntze) M. ciliata, M. ledermannii, and M. stipulosa were moved into the Fleroya Genus. I recently discovered a perfectly round leaf on one of my plants, and i wonder if it is instead some other species, or hybrid. Or just a mutation. I am assuming it is a minor common mutation at the moment. Perhaps an odd juvenile leaf that will grow up normally, Anyways, online reports talk about varying levels of activity, usually other species are less active than M. I found a number of scientific papers from the 60’s and 70’s by EJ Shellard which describe the alkaloids derived from the leaves. I know more modern analysis has been done, but no time at the moment to dig them up. Here are the PMID numbers for the papers: 4381868 (hirsuta, 1966) 5618636 (javanica var microphylla, ‘67) 4705802 (tubulosa, ‘73) 5686769 (parvifolia, ‘68) 5734383 (parvifolia, ‘68) Most interesting high % alkaloids: Mitragynine/7-hydroxymitragynine (notable synthetic/semisynthetic: mitragynine pseudoindoxyl) Mitraphylline rhynchophylline/isorhynchophylline (NMDA antagonism and calcium channel blocking, likely has local anaesthetic properties.) Related but not in kratom: corynanthine(alpha 1>a2) and yohimbe (a2>a1) ajmalicine/raubasine and rauwolscine of Pausinystalia johimbe (alpha 2 antagonist stimulants, but also 5HT1 and 2 mixed activity, and some alpha 1 antagonism, some of these have local anaesthetic activity) Reserpine of Rauvolfia sp.
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Can you clone particular leaves to harness the genetics of the growth like you can with cannabis? Or would you need a full grown mother tree that took years for you to perfect. (if this makes any sense at all to you guys). I'm familiar with phenotypes and clone only cannabis strains. Not sure how kratom works. Is the tree the same thing no matter what?
The cloning process copies the genetic material of the parent plant. E.g., taking cuttings and rooting them. The flower/pollination/seed process is what leads to genetic diversity, assuming you aren’t crossing genetic clones. I’m fairly sure the process is essentially the same. You cant clone individual leaves but if you have one node, or leaf set, it is possible to cut and root. The rooting process differs slightly from something like Psychotria sp., which can propagate from a leaf or leaf parts, as a single leaf has veins which contain rootable nodes.
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@SubstanceTheSqid leaf of life is another sweet one that will root right from the leaf tips and veins. I went ahead and moved this topic to Kratom Bible. As we find more information on the alkaloid make up we can build out this post! I knew of 3 of those on that list. Very tempted to attempt to begin to see what else can be sourced here!