Consumed Kratom for 9 years now
Was that a motorcycle once? What wreckage am I looking at??
@peteypyro yea! 600cc Suzuki. Earned myself a helicopter ride while attempting to make my way home.
Ouch. I feel your pain (real empathy here for you). Cut out of my crushed car many years ago myself, after being rear-ended at a red light. My back seat was folded down for groceries, and when the car got crushed 2 feet shorter, that horizontal seat back rammed and broke the front driver seat at belt lin. I never knew that the human body could express such pain. War story over, I thank God for Kratom. I really do. Thank you for sharing the photo too.
Oh man, before that impact I had never broken any bones, and ended up with two broken hips that night! There really is no words for such experiences and i'm very happy we both made it through to be able to post about them. Do you have any lingering pain or stiffness?
24 years of pain, and coming off of 20 years of oxymorphone er and norco sucked , but kratom made it very bearable now. I'm growing my own now so that when my stash is gone, I can still ease the spinal injury pain. They (FDA, etc.) may one day ban imports or Indonesia may ban exports in 5 years, so I hope to be independent as far as my needs there. They grow like weeds here, maybe even faster 😎