Kratom watch chicken
Keeping the area free of pests ![IMG_20190917_083239.jpg](
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Too funny! Judging by the look in her eyes, she might be nibbling on that plant!
Fortunately they do not mess with the plants at all. The only thing that bothers me on occasion are aphids
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I have watch chickens! Too funny! No plants, but lots of chickens! 😂


Hurricane dorian cost me a chicken. Definitely still a sore spot!!

sorry to hear that. How did that happen?

I took some photos of all the plants all over my kitchen and living room that would help paint the picture but for some reason they weren't saved to my phone. 

We moved all the animals inside after we started getting hit with hard squals. At that point we were expecting a dead on hit, well the chickens were wet and brought into an air conditioned house. Looking back that's an easy one, really difficult to convey how prepared we were for serious flooding and damage, that's all that was going through our minds for that five days or so.  

Long story short. We lost the friendliest one. Jai itme wants to free range it but we have cats. How long have you had your flock  @roadkill

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about a year now so I'm fairly new to the game.