Missed by a (P)inch.
![0_1568859005178_20190918_102537.jpg](Uploading 100%) I missed the complete terminal bud, at the node, when I pinched an immature terminal bud. I didn't quite get it all. At least I have 3 NEW branches. Live and learn. They are getting nicely bushy, which is what I want. I can't climb a tall tree. ![1_1568858822464_20190918_102537.jpg](Uploading 95%) ![0_1568858822416_20190918_130101.jpg](Uploading 95%) The photos uploaded to 95% quickly....then they stayed that way for 3 minutes, so I don't know what went wrong here. Sorry. You didn't miss much anyway 😁
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Hey @peteypyro Give the upload another go. You have to wait until after it says 100% I am working on making the process easier to use for future uploads

Thank you, Will.  My misplaced pinch yielded branching and misshaped leaves. I'll bet that they are stressed out and high in alkaloid content. Quite an interesting chemical defense mechanism that they vainly use to avoid being eaten. They may still make it into the tea pot however. Stressed bushed are sure pretty though. 

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how old is pinch misplaced looks fine in the pictures