Cloning in bags

Trying some cloning

perlite and starting mix 50/50%. IBA hormone too.

good luck with it so far I haven't tried the bags themselves I use containers.

The lowest branches are going to get air-layering treatment, potted and bagged with IBA rooting hormone.  They will only be cut loose from their mother once roots show in the rooting media (50/50% perlite/starter mix). I will 'scar' the bark slighty and the rooting hormone should encourage robust rooting while they still have life support from the mother plant. 

look forward to seeing this it's something is kind of been on my mind lately

I'll document the process with photos in a detailed post. I've had great success with air-layering many hard to propagate plants. Kratom will be a first for me. 

@peteypyro actually they need a pot upsize,  so I can air layer the lowest 2 branches of each plant, UNDER a layer of damp rooting mix, IN THE NEWER BIG POTS THEMSELVES! Much easier than wrapping plastic around each branch.  I might get 8 more clones from these 4. Anywhere a branch is scuffed up, and rooting hormone is applied, AND it's in damp rooting  mix, it will grow roots. Makes cloning easier.