Blue the pig helping out planting kratom trees

where is everyone?  Been trying to log in to MyKratom.Life for maybe a month or two.  Anything I can do to help you supervise ?  I’m an admin to another forum with this topic.  Unfortunately I don’t know code to be of more valuable help.  But.  Hit me up if you want someone to keep the forum within the guidelines.  I miss your forum but do NOT take it for granted.  Best wishes for bringing this labor of love back.  I can SELL website advertising space, but unfortunately I cannot post the banners myself.  I’d be willing to travel to learn some stuff in person - thanks!  Laurie

Hey @Laurie nice to meet you! Welcome to the #kratomapp! 

What forum do you mod?

Hi @guywithtrees!  I do Admin on (ILK). Has Levi moved on from the MyKratom.Life app?  Huge work, can’t blame him.  

welcome @Laurie 

I'm was a founding member of the AKA (released and managed their website), and then moved on to create this app on my own accord. 

Im definitely looking for help with moderation and getting the word out. We have an app on ios and android called "Kratom Watchdog".

You can check out more info about the app at

We need help with policies, feature suggestions, moving posts into the right areas, and generally checking in, 

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Hi Will.  I was “trained” informally by Paul Kemp.  You probably remember/ know him.  

Thanks for the link!  I’ll check it out as time allows because these forums are seriously important for educating people on safe and proper use so they don’t use it wrong, blame the substance and demand it be banned.  That’s a huge threat as it gains mainstream media exposure!

I’m dog sitting to earn money - and it’s coming up on feeding time, so I gotta “git”, but I’ll look around and see what I might be of help with!  Thank you for your work here!  Cool and NEEDED!  

That little piggy reminds me of 'Arnold', the piggy from 'Green Acres'. Smart and always doing human things. Like getting into the kratom. LOL

Green Acres was magical fun during its heyday.  I still wouldn’t miss an episode of completely bad acting, and nonsensical charm from that show!  It makes me laugh, no matter what.  Thanks for the memory share!  Ah Nold!  

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I most definitely do! I first started working with him during the inception of the AKA. Very intelligent and thoughtful writer. 

I'm putting together a Kratom App council that will oversee our operating policy, and running of things here. I asked @guywithtrees to follow up with you and see if this is something you would be interested in. 

I would definitely like to try to be of help, yes.  I really appreciate the mention.  

Hi everyone!  Things on the other kratom website are quickly coming to a halt as we suspect the founder is failing (heart disease).  I’m honoring my role as well as possible.  I’m also going to bring some of the guidelines and principles that Paul and I found to be effective for us to discuss using on this app.  

I had to tell the remaining vendor that I cannot renew his ongoing advertising banner tonight.  

It’s a difficult situation for all of us because we became a family - not just kratom lovers but much more.  I’m wondering if y’all are open to my bringing many of them over to help us create something else, perhaps even more powerful for the kratom industry as it evolves so drastically anyway.  

There has been trouble in Indonesia and nothing has changed but the Ministry of Health has been shaken up by someone wishing to harm our industry.  The AKA is already all over the situation and better news is expected on the 19th or 20th.  Not for general public as no need to “panic” or anything as of now.

With the closing of the website I have been on for so long, I really think more good people will bring more support for this app.  Everyone there has already been on all of the other leaf sites and they are not interested in arguing over who knows more but they are wonderfully gifted at helping new people learn how to effectively experiment with the leaf and the importance of using good quality vendors.  

Fresh leaf is just now starting to be offered by other vendors.  Are y’all wishing to dominate the fresh leaf market?  I haven’t mentioned y’all yet in case you aren’t ready to do a lot of envelope stuffing.  Right now we are buying 3 leaves for the price of special handling and shipping as a promo to try it.  

I didn’t even notice any tingling or anything while chewing mine and I had to use my regular powder on the days I tried my samples.  Of course, next time, I plan to shop here for fresh leaves..

Anyway, principles and guidelines are simple and the hard part is supervising the activities to be sure users honor them and remove vendor posts when they market their products without asking...tactfully and respectfully.  

Those are some thoughts I’ve had for THIS GEM of an app.  I hope y’all don’t think I am nuts and if I’m outside of the lines of what you envision, that’s cool.  I’m good with transparency in communication.  Hope you’re having a wonderful Sunday evening and I’ll pop by each evening at least going forward.  I gotta use a larger device for this app and I only have one and it’s also my tv.  My other one is old and I’m using it to begin representing a vendor in social media marketing where it’s allowed.  He’s a friend and needs the help.  If that’s in poor taste and a conflict of interest, I will have to ditch that, so any input is helpful!  I’ve only given it an hour so far - it’s a new idea and I am still just setting up usernames for that.  

I prefer this sort of thing, but I’m keeping an open mind and attitude as things evolve.  

See you guys soon - thanks!  Laurie

Wow @Laurie thanks for being so upfront about everything. Very refreshing, and I am happy to see the dedication that you are putting into this. What ideas do you have for the app? 

As far as vending we actively encourage vending in 2 distinct ways by using our groups system.1. is our vendor groups page where any company or user can promote what ever they like. And 2. are vendor based groups like Leaf of Life. This separation is important as it categorizes vendor content. This way new users wont be bombarded with ads possibly turning them off to the app, and giving a bit of a buffer for facebook and reddit groups that are worried about ads and do not allow them in their group rules, and allowing vendors that don't want to compete to just promote to their users. (Group owners: If you are a owner of a group and would like to join the app you can get started here in our 3 min questionnaire). I hope you can encourage anyone that might be interested to come over and vend or even to restart their group.

Could you tell me a bit more about the envelope stuffing? We have been selling our fresh organic American Grown Kratom leaf from our fully mature 11 year old kratom trees that have become acclimated to the United States for a few years and we want to get the word out that this exists.

Thanks for the reply!  Now I can’t remember what you asked!  I definitely want to SAVE THE LAST POST because you provided important links for me to pass along. 

The envelope stuffing was indeed in reference to your fresh leaf sales.  The idea is new to our group (sort of) and I have only tried it once myself so far (not a hit, but I can’t afford an expanded habit anyway).  I’ll be sure to save those links for the friends I plan to invite over.

I have not yet even hinted about suggesting people try fresh leaves yet.  That’s all I meant.  

I definitely have not yet explored all that your app has to offer and am thinking it’s possibly a device limitation as well as time, but mostly I have not had the time yet. Working on getting more of that.

Also, one vendor friend is wanting to employ me to do his social media marketing and I’m exploring that idea.  But I would prefer to remain unbiased and neutral with regard to vendors.  What do y’all think?

Finally, I haven’t read the stuff y’all have here for vendors yet.  I’ll be interested in looking at the links to those areas so I can help guide vendors over (many just email me personally) to there as well.  

Y’all have shown me a LOT of things to look at and PLENTY TO LEARN and I thank you for that!  Great links and videos are in abundance and I appreciate that!  
Catch you later (soon)! 

@Laurie When you say the Fresh Kratom Leaf envelop stuffing is new to your group, do you mean your forum? Also have you tried our fresh leaf? Who was the vendor with fresh leaf that you tried? 

If your planning on working with a vendor I don't think I would have a issue with that. In fact if you or the vendor would like we can get u guys set up with your own group where you guys can promote to your own members. Can't stress this enough, we encourage anyone to be able to come on and promote. We built this platform because of the shadow banning we have been dealing on other social medias. We know the struggle. We want to do our part to help the community.  This is a link to our vendors group. 

I have not yet tried the fresh leaf available here from your trees.  That’s on my bucket list!

As to the vendor work, COOL.  I’m representing him with an alias username on various sites to assist him with marketing.  But I prefer to remain unbiased and enjoy working with or shopping ALL leaf vendors.  It’s a social media opportunity for me to earn a few bucks.

As to the other forum, seems they are not closing the site down.  They are just not available for helping me complete tasks as the admin for the site.  I had sent written snail mail notice to please remove my admin title and name as contact back in August when I was being ghosted, so they confirmed receipt of that.  

So I won’t be bringing a huge load of forum refugees but will try to become more active here and attract more people by enjoying participating here.  

I’d like to start by adding the vendor I’m working with to the vendor page you sent me a link to.  I’m having difficulty with figuring out how to add them, but I think the problem is on my end - device limitations.  I’ll be shopping for current tablet and probably phone after the holidays, so my device issues will only need be tolerated until after-holiday sales. 

I have some vendors in mind for advertising on this site.  They are pretty receptive to advertising anywhere kratom is being discussed.  Please let me know where you’re at with that issue.  

Thanks so much for the guidance and encouragement - I’m pretty jazzed about being welcomed here and looking forward to seeing this project become successful. 

Oh yeah!  I tried a brand new offering of fresh leaf from Laughing Lion about a week ago.  He offered an opportunity to try 3 large leaves for the cost of (complicated on his end) shipping.  His handling details appear to be extremely time consuming and/or expensive.  He’s a friend and I generally enjoy product he carries but the fresh leaf was an unremarkable experience.  I’m not a fan of negative reviews because they’re so incredibly personal and subject.  But that’s how I recently got to try fresh leaf.

Expect to see me here more frequently during/after the holidays.  I’d like to add the vendor I’m doing social media for as a perfect test run on attracting vendors to the site.  I suspect this app will be a refreshing change for the better going forward (even tho my heart will always be with ILK.  I was unable to complete my tasks with them ghosting since May.  Time to let it go...)

Happy Friday! 

@Laurie Very cool to hear. Need to send you some of our fresh leaf. Not to nock them, but I'm going to guess from the pictures on the LLH that were gonna have older more mature trees. Our oldest American kratom trees are 11 years old fully mature. In fact one of our trees have been producing kratom seed pods for the past 15 months straight and I suspect it will continue until next year. 

If anyone else reading this is interested in trying our Fresh Organic American Kratom Leaf from 11 year old fully mature kratom trees that have been acclimated to the United States we make our trees available here.

We really want to encourage vendors to come on to the site and promote. They can do so in 2 main ways 
1. going to the vendors page and posting their ads in the group. this requires no registration. 

2. Set up a group on the app. They can do this by going to the groups section and clicking "Create New Group" on the top left of the page. 

We know what its like and want to help promote kratom in the community either from our nursery or someone elses. If people aren't able to buy kraotm leaf then big brother wins. It's their goal to make it difficult for anyone to buy or talk about kratom and our goal is to make a safe place for people to actually communicate. Consumers having access to information and leaf is key to keeping kratom in the united states and to help change public perception before its to late. If you know a vendor who wants another place to promote and join please encourage them. Even if you do work with that vendor promoting their products I don't see it as a conflict of interest to work for them and Help us or even promote on our vendors section. But I do appreciate your caution. It leads me to believe you will make the right decisions on whats good and whats bad. 

Also are you using the #kratomapp for android and ios or are you using the web browser? If your looking for a usable tablet id recommend getting a ipad within the recent generations and also getting a small clip on Bluetooth keyboard. its like having a little laptop with me where ever i go. its extremely useful in every day use and makes me want to use the ipad over my laptop in the first place. 

@guywithtrees.  Blue is more human than... most humans 🤔.

  Still reminds me of 'Arnold' though 😁. 

  Cue the 'Green Acres' music.