Extreme cold warning for FL trees!

yeah that's what I thought to my area looks like it's going to hit 32 degrees but I have something in place and I have a plan

all buttoned up although this is the last time I'll be able to do that with these come next year I'm hoping they're twice this size

Well the trees lived my red vein took a pretty good hit not enough to kill it but damaged a bunch of leaves. Even with it being in a makeshift Greenhouse with a couple of Lights wasn't enough to stop the damage. I did have 2 mitragyna javanica that are 4 ft tall I left them uncovered to fend for themselves. They made it through like a champ not a bit of damage

I moved her to the warmest part outside the house and made a pillow fort lol.  As it got colder I became more worried and hung a plastic drop cloth from the wall light to a tall stand.  By 11PM it was dropping into the 40’s but the bottom of the concrete wall was still around 70.  So far no damage  

she’s a beauty.  The fort is not too shabby!  LOL