Planting trees

Got 4 more trees in the ground. Thought I would share my process. First I dig rather oversized hole for a special concoction I'm going to mix in the hole.

Then the first thing I do is put a layer of oak leaves in the bottom of the hole.  Because Oak leaves makes the soil acidic which is what I want anyway.

Then I dump in humus, peat moss, perlite and a tree shrub soil I got it Lowe's which has some organic material in the dirt. 

I take a hoe and mix it all in the hole. I also layer hay into the soil as I'm filling up the sides around the plant. Then top the whole area off with hay.  they start growing like mad and that environment

I’m jealous that you have soil so far down. When I planted mine I spent hours with a pick axe chipping away at rocks and other debris. My back is hurting just thinking about it. 

Your plants look awesome. They’re gonna love their new homes. 


Freaking awesome, @roadkill!  Thanks for posting it here!  This app is THE COOLEST PLACE for learning AND teaching how to be sure the next generation has the right information for caring for these special trees.  You musta been quite a sweaty site to see after all the digging 😱  LOL LOL I’d be unable to walk for days after that!  Love the recipe! 

Nice patch of trees. Your technique sounds a lot like the 'Ruth Stout' method.  They should grow very fast and strong 

@peteypyro well I got the hay usage from this group here I didn't know about the hole preparation that I do I never did read about her method.


Would be sweet to see the difference between similar sized trees. One with hay and one without!