picked up a new friend :)

@will hahahahha yah right! Not bad for $15

...and another one reaches the sanctuary.


 @ guywithmoretreesnow

@ guywithwaytoomanytrees

@ guywithatreefrompeteypyrocomingsoon

  it may come bare root in moss...

 . .. bc soil is heavy... ...and it might come as a rooted stump ready to bust into leaf...

...bc trees are too tall for an overnight flat rate box.

       ..and @will will announce an upcoming  random (fb group?) giveaway drawing (for adults over 21) of a small rooted kratom plant to be shipped to the winner free, to any legal county/state in the 48 contiguous states in the USA .  

  I'll run this idea past tptb here, possibly to help raise awareness of our site to woke Kratom enthusiasts.

  ... Now back to completing the tutorial tonight.......   

its it's a work in process, but in honor of former FDA enforcer Scott Gottlieb,  I'm thinking of naming it something like ...  

"I've upped my pot sizes, so up yours"🌵

 update: 5 done. Ready for 1000 more...

 ...tomorrow.  What I do for better quality all-natural cures for what ails me. 

   Here's a sample of the natural remedies that were used in the kratom patch tonight......

   🌲🌲Go Kratom...Grow Kratom🌲🌲

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Hell yes. We could put an email out to the members here (it's been a very long time since I've done anything like that).

We could make it an entry requirement that you share the post back to Facebook and I'll code in an age confirmation screen. 

What do you guys think? 

Two gallons of fish emulsion ready to go for the big trees here. 

They are burried in mulch and I've began placing large stumps around the tree to further speed up decomp. All sorts of mushroom growing out of there right now

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@will I'm game. Got one ready for bare-root shipping, after I clone its branches. It will be a well budded bushy 6 " trunk. Packed in moss. Bagged, of course.


Hard to see in the pic, are you using miracle grow perlite?

@pete2000 said:

<p>@peteypyro </p><p>Hard to see in the pic, are you using miracle grow perlite?</p>

 Whatever I can get on sale, or whenever I need it, I get some perlite.  25% by volume allows a lot of overwatering before I cause problems. This stuff drains great, and agricultural perlite has been washed of its native volcanic acids.


I always mix perlite in my soil. Was gonna say be careful with the miracle grow stuff, they add fertilizer to it. Probably not an issue with most plants, but I like to control what food my babies get lol. 

 @guywithtrees I would almost take that tree and top it

@peteypyro love the pic of the stuff to fix your stuff

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