expanding my Nursery I got a

expanding my Nursery I got a Borneo clone and I received these two Kali seedlings recently. I think the Kali looks Kick-Ass


they both look kick ass! 

Not sure why, but unable to zoom in. 

@roadkill would love to zoom in on this too.

Feature lost? Bug found? Cant zoom? 

 something ate the wiring up?
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Fixed! Again, lol. I changed the behavior of images for loading issues, and well.. unexpected behaviors are the only thing I can come to expect doing such things. 

Working on getting an app group up too, great suggestion and gives a central place to help beta test all these changes. Once we lock down the kinks in the system and groups I will move onto chat. 

Basically create chat head popups similar to Facebook for one, and then improve the actual chat experience. For example I added the ability to upload images but they won't send unless you enter some text too. That's a quick fix, may as well jump into it now while I have a moment. We could also do some integration with slack and discord but I'd need help flushing that idea out into anything useful.

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We could also do some integration with slack and discord 

I’m wary of Discord ever since the Kratom server purges. 

When Double M’s discord was shut down they replaced it with Slack. It’s not integrated with their site, really just there for members who want to chat. It’s ok for that purpose. Not sure what’s involved in integrating with your app, might be a lot of work/overhead to get basic chat functionality.  

What might be useful, however, is to have a Slack channel outside of the app just to report issues, brainstorm, collaborate, communicate if the app is down, etc. And if you ever add more devs it would likely be a necessity. Just a thought.