I seem to always run into thi

I seem to always run into this problem with my javanika. End up with the super yellow leaves. Seems that once they go yellow like that it will never come back to green. Only the new growth no matter what I do to it. I had four of them do it so I tried a little experiment I gave one of them iron, one of them ammonium sulfate, one of them volcanic ash and one got Blood meal. It appears that this time it was the iron that was the only one that showed Improvement and again like I said that was only on the new growth. Any input thoughts or suggestions?

@roadkill I run across this too. Iron is essential, but needs proper pH to be absorbed. The ammonium sulfate acidifies the soil enough. That's my take on the chlorotic leaves.

only new growth came out green. 1 set of green leaves. The yellow ones were before, and after, when using acidified water to enhance iron absorption. Oh, and they're has to be iron available too. This is cheap food for them, with those 'greening minerals' too. 

 from:   ..and stuff greens up fast. Once a leaf is set chlorotic, it seems that only new foliage will recover the green. 🎄🎄🎄

 now with proper pH, iron availability, and nutrition, its happiest.

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I pH every time, use liquid nutrients, and top dress with nitrogen rich amendments . No issues so far. 

I do think without proper pH the rest won’t matter. 

great info guys thank you very much for inputting

wow, I really haven't been paying attention to my pH too much. I finally went out there and check them. Some of the potted plants were pegging that needle all the way over somehow my soil ended up at about 4 or less. Well I kind of know what did it. I was using oak leaves to maintain an acidic level just didn't realize it took it that far.

That’ll do it, get your pH back up and you should be good. Now it makes sense that iron helped, it’s more available at lower pH. 

I had a similar issue with a bag of Fox Farms ocean forest that was waaay too acidic. Once I figured pH was too low, I scratched in some lime and eventually the plant came back. 

BTW, I mentioned this in another thread but the Alaska Fish Fertilizer is crazy acidic. I use it once a week or so, but at only 1/2 tsp per gallon. 

@roadkill they use sulfuric and phosphoric acid to 'stabilize' it....

...and yes, keep it cool or else it 'cooks' and congeals into a Stinky sludge 💩

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<p>@roadkill they use sulfuric and phosphoric acid to 'stabilize' it</p>

 Yeah they need to kill everything to keep the bottle from expanding. I don’t even want to think about the mess an exploded bottle of fish emulsion would make.  

yeah I use fish fertilizer once a week too didn't realize it helped add to that acidic issue