just finished adding the gate

just finished adding the gate to my new fenced-in kratom Nursery area. I have free range chickens so they were constantly digging up my ground cover and when I use fish Emulsion the dogs would dig up and eat the dirt. So got tired of that shit. Next thing is to install timed irrigation. Which I really need, when these plants are in the pots and it's this hot, I can hardly keep enough water on them.

@roadkill. So true. When the pots dry out twice a day, I know its time to repot.  They love to get very rootbound, and need their roots spread out a bit. Moving day... bigger homes for the babies 

🎄🎄 Go Kratom! 🎄Grow Kratom!🎄🎄

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My big girl is in the ground and still needs 6-8 gallons a day unless there’s heavy rain. I can’t even go away for more than one nite lol. Scorcher today, dry with a heat index of 110, might need 10 gallons. 

@pete2000 I do pet sitting.  Plant sitting is a good idea to add to my list of services (so you can go out overnight!)!